Get Through Customs Fast *Without* Global Entry

a screenshot of a phone

There’s a new app in town.  And this app will let you get through customs quickly without having to go through a lengthy application process. It sounds too good to be true, but it is! It’s sanctioned by customs: The Mobile Passport App by Airside Mobile lets you skip the …

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Track Your Flight, Even in Airplane Mode (for free!)

a screenshot of a map

This new app will not only track your current location (even when in airplane mode), but will also give you interesting sight-seeing tips about what is below your aircraft. Flyover Country is a new app that asks you to download your flight path ahead of time.  Once you are in …

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The Deadliest Airplane Crash Happened on the Ground

a plane flying in the sky with lightning

Did you know the deadliest airplane crash happened before the airplane ever had a chance to get off the ground? Two 747s collided after a series of miscommunications led one to begin taking off–directly into the other. Due to an explosion at an airport, a lot of flights were diverted …

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How to Make the Wine in Coach Taste Better

food on a tray in an airplane

The wine in coach isn’t always that great.  While some airlines offer higher-end half bottle options, the wine sometimes needs time to breathe–more time than you have on the flight. Apparently, you can improve the taste of the wine by hyper-decanting it.  So what fancy tools are needed to hyper-decant? …

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