Did You Know?: A Woman Tried Smuggling 65 Snakes Through Security in Her Bra

This is one of those oft-cited-without-a-real-citation facts I’ve seen come up on websites.  I figured this story had to be fake.  After all, who would carry 75 snakes in their bra?

One part of this story turned out to be wrong.  It wasn’t 75 snakes, it was 65 snakes.  But everything else checked out on Snopes.  Wow.


While the number of snakes grew through the legend, the general sentiment remained the same.  A woman literally put dozens of snakes in her bra to sneak them through security.

The source of the story goes all the way back to the 90s.

The Orlando Sentinel reported:

Alert customs officers noticed ”something weird” about a woman’s bosom. On further investigation, they found 65 baby snakes in her bra. The national news agency TT reported Thursday that the 42-year-old woman, who was not identified, told the officers that she intended to start a reptile farm. The reptiles were found after a body search. In addition to the baby grass snakes, six lizards were crawling around under her blouse, TT reported. The woman, who was arrested on arrival in southern Sweden, was being prosecuted for smuggling at the regional court in Malmo, TT said. The fate of the reptiles was not disclosed.

This took place in Stockhold, and the woman apparently wanted to start a reptile farm.

There are probably better ways of going about sourcing your snakes.  Maybe.

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  1. yuck! In the namesake of my dog, or I suppose, my dog’s hero’s dog? “I hate snakes!”

  2. Wow. That’s absolutely terrifying! What makes a person think that’s a good idea???

  3. This can’t be real life! Yikes stripes!

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