When US Airways Was My Valentine (aka, doing social media right)

Two years ago, I flew out to do an event in Chicago in February.  I took an early flight because I wanted to meet up with some people I knew in the area prior to the event.

This accidentally saved my work event.

My coworkers weren’t able to fly out.  A huge storm suddenly hit Virginia and flights were cancelled.

Me at the work event
Me at the work event

So I ran the event solo and was ready to fly back on February 12th.  But my trip was a very short turnaround and flights to DC were still cancelled.  So I rescheduled my flight.

Then it started snowing in Chicago.  And, well, my flight got cancelled again.  So I got rebooked to fly back on February 14th.

I connected in Philadelphia which suddenly got hit by–wait for it–a snowstorm.  After a few hours of running to different gates in case that flight took off, it became clear that the flights were not happening that night.

The woman in the US Airways club was really helpful the entire time.  She was watching all possible flights and directing me where I should go.  And she genuinely felt bad that I wasn’t getting home on Valentine’s Day.

Me at the US Airways Club
Me at the US Airways Club

So I tweeted about how helpful she was being.  I also sent a separate tweet about having no Valentine since I was stuck in the airport.

The US Airways twitter team saw my first tweet, then I guess looked at the rest of the twitter feed.  They sent me a tweet asking if I would do them the honor of being their Valentine.  This started a decently long line of banter back and forth between the two of us.

Flight cancellations, especially when on holidays when you have plans, are stressful.  It was smart of US Airways to use the opportunity to do some customer bonding and help alleviate the situation.

But post-merger, I only have one question.

American Airlines, would YOU be my Valentine?

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  1. We’d love to be your Valentine. How can we help you?

  2. I’m checking back to see if you received a box of chocolates with an the new American Logo. We used to get neat little gifts like toiletry bags, battery packs, and my favorite a WSJ Online subscription around valentines day – but you at least need chocolates 🙂

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