The Coolest Star Wars Things I’ve Seen Lately (Non-Spoilers)

I keep spotting Star Wars related content that I think is worth sharing, but isn’t quite worthy of its own post.  Now that I’ve got some assembled, here they are!

Ever want to make the blue milk of Tatooine?


Uh… yeah, me either.

But after you read this bartender’s take on the drink, you’ll want to.

(And it would go well with #GeekyPizza)

What you get if you google "Geeky Pizza"

And this interesting take on the prequels actually made me start to like them more.  No, Jar Jar, this doesn’t include you.

It explores the prequels as an allegory of Hitler’s rise to power.  Plus, there’s R2D2.

It appears J. J. Abrams feels the same way about Jar Jar Binks.  He had wanted to put Jar Jar Binks’ bones in the new movie as an easter egg and nod to the fans.

jar jar binks

There is a very popular fan theory that Jar Jar Binks was originally intended to be secretly a sith.

And this father recorded his son’s reaction to seeing the original Star Wars for the first time.

He posted it to show how many questions his sons asked, but my favorite part is when the father gets sand in his eyes.

And finally, AVBytes used its popular Disney Princess musicals to welcome Princess Leia to the fold:

How long until Disney gives Princess Leia a sparkly dress?


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  1. And there’s my personal favorite (okay, second favorite to the Han Solo refrigerator); Star Wars inspired dresses!

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