The First and Only Time I Got Cut Off While Flying

On a flight to Vegas, I was sitting in the exit row of a flight with two men from Canada on their way to a convention.

We got to talking and ordered drinks while we did this.  I was ordering wine one at a time.  They were ordering doubles of rum and coke.

After the second round, we tried to order a third.

The flight attendant went back and grabbed the purser.  The purser came on by and cut all three of us off for the flight!

Now, the guys I was traveling with weren’t getting rowdy at all, but they weren’t exactly paying attention during the exit row briefing and mildly irritated the flight attendant.  Part of me thinks that’s why she was quick to cut them off on a five hour flight.

But I was shocked I was cut off after two glasses of wine for the flight!  After all….



The gentlemen felt bad next to me, but I didn’t mind and we had a good conversation about things to do in Vegas (plus discussed how expensive it is to fly to the US from Canada!)

When we got to Vegas, I guested them into the Centurion Lounge there so we could have that third-round of drinks.

They still felt really bad at that point, but I thought it was hysterical to finally get cut off.

I sometimes feel like they are trying to give you as much wine as they can in first class so you’ll fall asleep during the entire flight.  I guess once you are in coach, they’re afraid you’ll revolt.  Or resort to cannibalism.

Have you ever been cut off when traveling?  How many drinks did it take?

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  1. I’ve never been cut off but I’ve heard a few FA’s lately talking about passengers and cutting people off. Maybe it’s getting to be more common. I also wonder if sitting in the exit row was an influence? I could see how having a row of people that are under the influence would be a problem in an emergency evacuation.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I thought that, but then Keri reminded me how much FAs have let us drink in the exit row beforehand, so I’m not sure it’s that. (Unless they are cracking down on that specifically).

      We were on a flight together (accidentally!) and each ordered a half bottle of wine plus a single serving bottle of wine (since the single was free with our exec. plat), and the flight attendant didn’t bat an eye at giving us all three servings of wine at once.

  2. I once was on a domestic CLT-SEA friday evening flight… in first class (on usair) Our purser was new and he only allowed us to have two glasses of wine… I’m not sure if it was because the people behind us were acting a bit crazy and ordering doubles ( apparently a double only counted as one drink because they also had two drinks.. albeit each was a double) It could have also been that the friend I was traveling with did act in a way that could be construed as drunk.. though thats just how he acts. Regardless I ended up being given more wine by the crew in coach as even they thought it was a bit absurd he had cut us off in first….and on a 5 hour flight. On the other hand… on one intl return flight in Envoy I once had the purser tell me to sneak into the galley up front to give me a glass of wine as she had cut off another guy in the cabin and didn’t want him to see.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Wow, that’s so similar to mine! They were drinking doubles too, but I got cut off after two singles.

      Was this recent? I wonder if US Airways is cutting down on onboard drinking.

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