Great Travel Toothbrush Duo for Half Price

I am a huge fan of electric toothbrushes.  Maybe I lack the motivation, but I can never get my teeth feeling as clean as they do with an electric toothbrush when I use a plain ole one.

But the problem with electric toothbrushes is that they are hard to travel with and they don’t take a travel beating well.  They also lose their charge when traveling, and the bases are bulky.

My husband’s toothbrush died and mine is on its last legs.  I bought him a new sparkly toothbrush that travels well and have been waiting for mine to die all the way before replacing it.  (I’m traveling with a *gasp* manual toothbrush for now.  Don’t tell my dentist.)

Turns out I should have waited to buy him his sparkly toothbrush because a two-piece set of the toothbrushes (Philips Sonicare EasyClean) are half-price with today’s Amazon Daily Deal.  So basically, for the price of his, I could have gotten both of us toothbrushes.

amazon tooth brush

They are by no means cheap, but they are a good price for what they are.  $99 for a two piece set.

This is what makes these guys great:

It folds up into an eyeglass sized case. The charger is tiny and the base is very slim-line compared to other Sonicare.

The brush portion of the tooth brush is more water tight than other models.  The benefit of this is water doesn’t build up inside the toothbrush.  This causes gross gunk and also a reserver of water (that you don’t realize is there) that decides to dump out at any moment.

The dentist thinks my husband is flossing.  Haha!  Take that, dentist!

It has two weeks of charge time if you didn’t want to bring your charger–but note, after about a year of use, this amount slowly diminishes.

Of course, you could get the super-fancy high-tech version for $170 a piece, but I don’t think you actually need any of those extra features, unless you enjoy micromanaging your toothbrush.

But I think I convinced myself to get this.  I’ll just call around family to see if anyone was looking to buy a toothbrush.  Bueller?  Bueller?

(no wonder my friends and family started screening my phone calls).

If you buy things through my Amazon links, I usually get a small referral credit.  According to their T&Cs, I don’t get it for daily deals like this, but I cannot ultimately control the whims of the gods.

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