Your Next Flight: Powered by Booze

a pair of glasses with ice and liquid in it

Alaska Air has paired up with Gevo to produce an alcohol-based fuel that can keep a plane in flight, while still being green. According to Forbes: Gevo’s patented ATJ is a clean burning, homegrown, drop-in jet fuel, which has the potential to deliver aviation biofuel at scale and at competitive …

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How to Avoid Flight Delays when Flying

a display board with numbers and time

This winter seemed like it was full of flight delays.  Even Charlotte wasn’t immune for the weather related delays. But did you know you can plan your flight around typical delays? AirHelp has an infographic on the best times to fly. Still, even with the best of planning, it’s possible …

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New Tech Would Deliver In-Flight Meals Automatically

a row of plastic containers with food on them

In-flight meal service can be a long process.  After all, the flight attendants have a lot of work to do during it. You also have to get your food during the specific meal service times (unless you are in first and have a really nice flight attendant).  So it’s either buy now, or …

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The Most Bad-Ass Airline Safety Officers Ever

a woman with a hat and finger on her lips

Would it make you safer to know that your in-flight safety officer can break plates with her bare-hands, handle a weapon, and subdue and escort an unruly passenger off the plane? These are some of the requirements for women at Chengdu East Star Airlines Travel College. According to Rocket News, this school: …

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Airplane Has Near-Miss with Set of Skydivers

a person skydiving in the air

Here’s a video that had me holding my breath.  An airplane swerved a little too far and came within inches of clipping a set of skydivers. Yikes! The poster mentions in the comments that there’s a video on YouTube where the jumper had something similar happen, but wasn’t as lucky. …

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JetBlue Allowing Free Streaming On-Board for Amazon Prime

a woman wearing headphones and sitting in an airplane

Most airlines don’t let you stream videos on the in-flight internet.  JetBlue does, but for a fee.  Which isn’t so bad since their WiFi is typically free. But they just offered a change in policy that’s pretty awesome. From the Consumerist: There’s now another option for people using Amazon’s instant …

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iPads Ground American Airlines Planes

a collage of airplanes

Back before electronics were allowed during take off and landing, there were a lot of jokes about the damage an iPad or Kindle could do for your flight. (Language warning) But iPads delayed or sent planes back to the gate after the software pilots use crashed. According to re/code: Pilots …

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