I Believe That is My Leg…

a row of seats in an airplane

Piggy-backing on Tiff’s #Tiffisajerk posts, I never know how to act in this situation. I’m all for letting the person in the middle seat have 100% of the arm rests.  But sometimes on flights, the person in the middle seat puts their arm over the arm rest and onto my leg, …

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New Tech Reduces Engine Noise on Planes

a diagram of a plane

I never quite realized how noisy an airplane is until I used a set of noise cancelling headphones for the first time. When I took them off after a nap, I worried that something went wrong.  Was there a breech in the fuselage?!  What’s that horrible sound? …oh, the engine. …

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What’s the Deal Lately with Boarding Early?

a man and woman in uniform

One of the greatest benefits of being an elite is getting to board early and getting access to the overhead bin space. Pizza in Motion wrote a great post on why flights boarding early is not a good thing overall.  He was seated near a poor guy who paid extra …

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TSA’s Notification Card Means Nothing

a man in a uniform

TSA has a notification card for people with disabilities so they can “discreetly communicate information about their needs to an officer’. This does not exempt you from any extra screening.  It’s more or a “hey FYI guys, I can’t stand on my own / I will set off the metal …

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United Website Glitching on Same Day Change

a blue and white table with white text

United has a policy where you can same day change for a fee within 24 hours of your flight.  This fee is waived if you are an elite of gold status or higher.   My friend is a Gold member and gets his same day changes for free.  But lately, …

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