One Way US Airways’ Systems Are Better Than American’s

My husband checked a bag on his flight today.  And waited at the carousel for his bag.  And waited.  And waited.

The return leg was on American and I was surprised you cannot pull up your baggage information on American.

On US Airways, you can use your confirmation code to pull up the path your bags took.

You can see if your bag made it to your location or if it made it onto the wrong plane.



On US Airways Shuttle flights, they’ll usually stick your bag on the next flight out, even if you aren’t on it.  In the case of the photo above, I was able to check my bag status from the airplane and learned they were waiting for me in the baggage office.  This saved me the time of waiting for my bag at the conveyor belt before heading to the baggage office.

In my husband’s case, the bag did make it to the airport, but it wasn’t put out on the conveyor belt.

But he had no way of checking that himself.  And after his trip to the baggage office, he eventually got things sorted.

But being able to see that your bag made it to where you are is that extra peace of mind so you don’t stress needlessly.

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  1. Oh wow, didn’t know US did that. Cool feature! Hopefully it will be brought over to the new American.

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