This Conversation Between a Pilot and Ground Had Me in Tears

I knew how this was going to end–but even then, this audio from a conversation between a pilot whose landing gear wouldn’t go down and the air traffic control tower had me in tears by the end.

Between his silent dignity in accepting what could happen, his professional request to tell his wife he loves her, and him not wanting to inconvenience the other pilots, I lost it.

And sorry, this is my #sappy of the day.

(Edit: YouTube is covering up the text with an ad that says how it turned out–he had a perfect no-gear landing.)

Here’s the video of the landing:

Hat tip to commenter Eric Mitchell for the second video!

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  1. Is there any follow up? What happened when he landed?

  2. Here’s a video of the awesome landing….

  3. I’m a private pilot and understand the gravity of the situation that pilot was in.

    So I’ll say what I’m sure most people are thinking: what a complete an utter ass that other pilot was to complain about being ‘inconvenienced’ and possibly having to divert to another airport because another pilot was in serious danger of crashing and losing his life.

    Simply disgusting and unconscionable.

    Very happy to hear the pilot made a safe landing.

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