The Funniest Flight Attendants Ever

Someone, for whatever cruel reason, just sent me the clip from the flight attendant zombie attack in World War Z.

After I climbed out of the corner I was slowly rocking myself in, I decided to pull up some real, more uplifting clips of flight attendants.

Here are the best ones I came across:

Uptown Funk dance-off:

Rapping the flight instructions:

Flight instructions, stand-up version:

Same flight attendant, now with her deplaning instructions:

While poking around, I was happy to see the last SW flight attendant made an appearance on Ellen!

I do appreciate the SW sense of humor.

The funniest thing I’ve seen on a US flight is an exaggerated lip-sync to the announced instructions.  My guess is most airlines are more strict than Southwest with deviating from the script!

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