The Funniest Flight Attendants Ever

a woman with a hat and finger on her lips

Someone, for whatever cruel reason, just sent me the clip from the flight attendant zombie attack in World War Z. After I climbed out of the corner I was slowly rocking myself in, I decided to pull up some real, more uplifting clips of flight attendants. Here are the best ones …

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Top Five Travel Horror Stories

a woman looking at a phone

Many of us have experience travel horror stories, but many have also had it worse.  And boy do these stories have it worse. I selected the “winners” of the Gogo passes.  And while I wish they didn’t have these travel horror stories, at least they won something out of it! …

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Why You Should Leave Your Seat Belt on in Flight

a seat belt on a blue surface

A few years back, a pilot just waking up from a nap misheard some information from his radio, thought Venus was an oncoming plane, and suddenly dove–hurting over a dozen people. This post has come up on Reddit, and in the comments, a pilot discusses why he always wears his …

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How Deals Made the USA Suspect I’m a Drug Trafficker

a person's foot on a beach with a suitcase

I’m of the belief that if there’s a good fare, I’m going to take it.  And sometimes when the airfare deals are *really* good, I get creative. There were a bunch of great fares to the Caribbean.  They weren’t mistake deals, but definitely in the $100-$200 range. I decided, instead …

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New Technology Meets In-Flight Toilets

a toilet with a sink and a toilet seat

Ever have a delay (or even cancellation) due to toilet issues on the airplane? This is because airplane toilets are really complicated to replace. The toilets are one large component, so the entire piece must be replaced–even for minor issues. But has the scoop on a new form of …

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Sometimes Travel is Just Plain Surreal

a man standing in a field with the sun in the background

I had a 5am departure this morning out of Dallas, so I woke up a little bit before 3am to make sure I made it to the airport on time. By the way, I’m a huge fan of sketch comedy and a huge fan of Kids in the Hall and …

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Safety is Serious Business–Except on Delta

a row of seats in an airplane

Does anyone really watch those in-flight safety videos?  I love Delta’s approach towards them. Delta’s been adding in Easter Eggs you can spot through the entire video.  Well, not literal  Easter Eggs, but a bunch of inside jokes that might take you a second to notice. They are using humor to …

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Free Booze in Domestic Coach on US Airways Flights

a hand holding a glass of beer

I was just talking to some American flyers and realized that not everyone knows that some US Airways domestic flights have free beer and wine in coach.  The benefit to being in first class on these flights is the access to liquor as well (in addition to the bigger seat, of course. …

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United Bringing Back Free Booze for Coach on Some Flights

a man sitting in an airplane with ice

United has decided to bring back the booze–wine & beer–for coach on some of their international flights. According to CNN Money, they are also upgrading the food selection.  Beginning on June 1, economy meals will include three courses: starting with a drink and snack, a main meal and dessert. Complimentary …

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Craziness Dealing with the TSA

an airplane in an airport

The TSA is a huge part of any frequent traveler’s life.  Yesterday, I wrote about how I had to argue with an agent that I was arriving on the correct day for my midnight flight. In the Google Hangout Launch Party, once we went “off-the-record,” we talked a little bit …

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