Safety is Serious Business–Except on Delta

Does anyone really watch those in-flight safety videos?  I love Delta’s approach towards them.

Delta’s been adding in Easter Eggs you can spot through the entire video.  Well, not literal  Easter Eggs, but a bunch of inside jokes that might take you a second to notice.

They are using humor to make sure you watch the whole thing.

Even though 2:27 in this one is pretty cheesy, I actually laughed out loud.

But my favorite part?  Finish this sentence.  The trouble with…

This is from last year, but I came across it again when watching this new Delta commercial.

I definitely feel for the guy in this video.  It matches a lot of my business travel experience, from the moment he’s trying to open the door with his keycard.  (Though sometimes, I’ve accidentally mixed together a bunch of different Hyatt room keys from the same trip, and had to try all of them!)

Even though I don’t fly Delta, I definitely get that feeling of being home.  What I mean is, US Airways’ service has made me feel like I’m back in New York, so flying American and being thanked for flying has really thrown me lately 😉

But there’s nothing more safe than (of course) the dance.

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  1. Delta is my preferred airline based on all of the places I need to go so I am very familiar with these safety videos. I do actually watch them every time because they’re pretty funny. My favorite one is still the 80s throwback one.

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