How Deals Made the USA Suspect I’m a Drug Trafficker

I’m of the belief that if there’s a good fare, I’m going to take it.  And sometimes when the airfare deals are *really* good, I get creative.

There were a bunch of great fares to the Caribbean.  They weren’t mistake deals, but definitely in the $100-$200 range.

I decided, instead of staying in a hotel, why not island hop?

So I spent a few days flying into an island, going to the beach, flying back home late at night, sleeping in my own bed, rinsing, and repeating.

Brilliant plan, right?

jamaica beach

I like to go to the Caribbean and Mexico in general and all of a sudden, I had a problem.

On my next southward-trip, I got a boarding pass with SSSS on it.

Everything I had on me was searched.

The same happened on my way back in.

After this happened a few times, I learned to really plan on extra time in the airport.  And not to travel with any luggage on my person.

It was only happening on my routes to the Caribbean and Mexico.  And then it hit me.

Traveling back and forth between the US and the Caribbean in rapid succession is pretty suspicious isn’t it?

Soon my husband, parents, and I decided to get global entry and pre-check.  Everyone had traveled with me and knew what had been happening, so I warned them that my interview could take a while.

It did.  I was in there 30 minutes.

…but only because the camera broke and they had to wait for IT to bring a new one.

So as each member of my family went in for their interview, they wondered what the heck was going on in mine.

I was approved without any issues whatsoever (aside from the photo taking).

This is what happens to me now.

I am searched thoroughly in my outbound airport.  And many times.

I enjoy my time in the Caribbean….

And then I just…. walk back into the country.

I don’t understand it either.

But if you think MY story is crazy, check out 31b’s.  It’s even crazier!

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