Check Out This Cool App that Visualizes Air Traffic

I always find myself mesmerized by the air traffic exhibit at the air and space museum.  It has planes, color coded by airline, flying across a radar map. They use various days as samples–including September 11, 2001.  (It is really eerie to watch air traffic suddenly stop). There’s an app …

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What Do Glitter and Bomb Residue Have in Common?


Not very much.  But the trait they have in common is that they show up the same when you are going through a TSA check point. I don’t shy away from glitter generally, but I also usually have pre-check.  Dulles’ pre-check line was closed this morning, and rather than send …

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The Creepiest TSA Agent Ever?

The band, Paul and Storm, shares this creepy encounter with a TSA representative at an airport. [P] Not at ALL creepy. Thanks, TSA! — Paul and Storm (@paulandstorm) January 26, 2015 I’m all for technology, but this triggered that uneasy-something-is-wrong-here part of my stomach. What do you think.  Cool …

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The World’s Most Punctual Airline (hint: Not United)

Do you feel like you are facing delay after delay on your flights lately?  Do you just wish that you knew which airlines are more reliable? just put out an infograph that shows the most punctual airlines in the world. Out of all the airlines in the world, airBaltic tops …

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Itemize Your Luggage–Especially Your Panties

I’ve gotten a notice from TSA occasionally that my luggage has been searched.  And I’ve suspected but have been unable to prove that I’m missing some panties–usually some, ahem, lacier ones–when I get my bag back. But my friend just had an experience that moved my belief from paranoid to confirmed. …

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Are We Less Safe Because of the TSA?

Occasional contributor to Heels First, Art Carden, wrote an article for USA Today on why TSA doesn’t make us safer. Check out his article here. Changes to the Transportation Security Administration’s rules have made it easier for fliers to get through airport security. Even with these improvements, the TSA should be abolished. …

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