Itemize Your Luggage–Especially Your Panties

I’ve gotten a notice from TSA occasionally that my luggage has been searched.  And I’ve suspected but have been unable to prove that I’m missing some panties–usually some, ahem, lacier ones–when I get my bag back.

But my friend just had an experience that moved my belief from paranoid to confirmed.

When Abby’s bag was searched, it was returned to her with none of her panties.

Here’s her entire account of what happened.

Now that my suspicions have been confirmed, I have a new packing trend.

Itemizing my luggage–especially my panties.

I’ve begun scribbling out a list of what I’m packing in my bag while I’m packing it, and sticking it in the outside pocket of my luggage.  Now that I have more time to think about it, I’ll probably make copies or do it on a computer (and write in any additional things I’ve purchased while traveling).

It also seems like a good reverse usage of a packing check list–using it to confirm those items ARE in your bag.

When I heard what happened to Abby, I seriously went white.  Both out of fear for her and also for my suspicions in the past.

After all, the TSA almost made me remove my bra.

Have you ever suspected (or even confirmed!) that something was taken out of your bag?

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  1. They can have my underwear as long as they leave the booze!

  2. It’s the TSA’s inability to lock my luggage after searching it which bugs me. My travel often takes me to connecting flights and knowing that the TSA opened my luggage then didnt bother locking it, leaving it open for the rest of my journey, is annoying and shows absolutely no respect for the property of travellers.

  3. I take a video of my packed bag and include a huge note in my case that the contents have been videoed! Nothing missing since I started this.

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