What Do Glitter and Bomb Residue Have in Common?

Not very much.  But the trait they have in common is that they show up the same when you are going through a TSA check point.


I don’t shy away from glitter generally, but I also usually have pre-check.  Dulles’ pre-check line was closed this morning, and rather than send people through the metal detector when they have pre-check on the regular line (which is what usually happens), they put everyone through the usual nudo-scopes.

The nudo-scope showed I have bomb residue all over my body.

Before we go any further, I’d like to point out that yesterday was Mardi Gras, and MAC makes a really cool glitter applicant that I can get kinda carried away with.


If you are an effusive user of glitter and have to go through the nudo-scopes, I recommend leaving yourself enough time to be secondary screened due to bomb residue.  Or if you decided to stay up late during a wild Vegas trip and might have found yourself in close contact with someone else who was wearing lots of glitter….

In my case, the TSA agent proactively suggested that it was glitter and apologized for having to test me further.  In honesty, I didn’t feel like I had that much glitter on but YMMV as far as glitter density goes.

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