New Technology Meets In-Flight Toilets

Ever have a delay (or even cancellation) due to toilet issues on the airplane?

This is because airplane toilets are really complicated to replace.

The toilets are one large component, so the entire piece must be replaced–even for minor issues.

But has the scoop on a new form of toilet tech:

The Revolution is so radical a departure from conventional aircraft toilets that mechanics can service the unit in twenty-seconds—blindfolded. Seriously. We watched with our own eyes as an eager representative donned a googly-eyed sleeping mask to take the whole thing apart then put it all back together in half the time it took us to wonder why a googly-eyed sleeping mask was required. The results impressed us.

Read the article for the rest of the details, but basically, the toilet consists of components that can be individually replaced.  So this turns a major delay (or cancellation) into a minor mechanical issue.

The article also goes into why current toilets are covered in teflon and what that’s bad.


Goodbye traditional toilets!

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