United Website Glitching on Same Day Change

United has a policy where you can same day change for a fee within 24 hours of your flight.  This fee is waived if you are an elite of gold status or higher.

United Same Day Change


My friend is a Gold member and gets his same day changes for free.  But lately, he’s run into a bug.

When trying to switch flights, the website told him that he was trying to switch into a higher fare and he’d have to pay a $300 fee.

But when he checked the flights, 1. they were pricing the same at the moment, and 2. they were in the same fare class.  He could not get it to let him switch to an earlier flight at all.

I don’t have experience flying United as an elite.  But is anyone else coming across this bug?  … or as Smisek might call it, feature?

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  1. Not a big deal, just call!

  2. This is quite common actually. Sometimes when the ticket is issued/ticketed, the number isnt put in properly etc. Also if the same computer is used to login into premier and non-premier accounts, UA gets all confused.

    Just call them.

  3. The website will some times process it as a regular flight change instead of SDC. Make the change through the mobile app instead.

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