Forget Able and Willing. Do you have an exit row disposition?

I was involved in a Twitter conversation the other day about people being concerned I wouldn’t be able to lift the exit door on the plane. (I think they actually wanted my seat!)

I typically comment that I’m a bartender so if there was a beer keg in the way, I could still save us all.

One time, I decided to get all serious and tell them I actually have experience in operating the door before, but all that did was make the flight attendant and fellow passengers nervous.  (Thanks a lot, StarMegaDo.)

But if you were wondering if YOU have what it takes to operate the exit door, boy do I have a quiz for you.

The quiz results for me gave me the thumbs up.  I’m sure my ability to speak ten bird languages helped with that.

Feel free to post your results in the comments!

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  1. You Are Not Prepared To Sit In The Emergency Exit Row

    Too bad. Prepare to sit in seat 28F, because you are not cut out for the emergency exit row. If the unthinkable were to happen, you’d be too paralyzed by your past, in which you were bullied by a plane emergency door, to perform your duties. Plus, if Carl loses it, which he’s totally gonna, just look at him, you’d be of no help. Try opening more emergency exit doors, and take this quiz again!

  2. This should not be a surprise to anyone. 😉

    You Are Ready For The Emergency Exit Row

    Awesome. You’re ready for the emergency exit row. You have plenty of experience opening doors and inflating slides due to your illustrious past as a door/inflatable slide salesperson. With your extensive knowledge of bird languages, you can call on your feathered friends for help once you open the door, and not fall in love with them. Share your results and show your friends just how emergency exit row–ready you are!

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