Woman Sues for $5 Million After $7.99 IFE Doesn’t Work

A woman sued United after her $7.99 DirecTV services only worked for a total of 10 minutes.  The services only work over the ground and she was taking a flight to Puerto Rico.

According to NJ.com:

 Cary M. David filed a $5 million class action suit in federal court in Newark alleging United Airlines failed to notify passengers that WiFi and DirecTV are inoperable when the flight is outside the continental United States or flying above a body of water.

Rather than ask for a refund, the woman is filing a class action lawsuit.  DirecTV has stated that the screen before you purchase states that the service does not work over water.

I think this is enough to get the lawsuit dismissed.  The information is stated and my guess is she could have easily gotten a refund.

Are there ways the information could be clearer?  Probably.

They could disable the ability to purchase if it will only work for 10 minutes.

They could clearly point out that a fight to Puerto Rico flies over the water, just in case.  I could see someone assuming that like Bahamas/Jamaica flights, it flies closer Florida but Puerto Rico is much more east.

newark san juan


But I don’t think those things make the DirecTV liable for a class action lawsuit.  What do you think?

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