Keep Your Phone Charged On-the-Go Without Bulky Chargers or Devices

When traveling with my friend to Seattle for the Star Wars exhibit, we were talking about the various devices we carry to keep our phones charged.

When I was traveling through Frankfurt security, I was asked if I was going to the Australian Outback or something.  The security person couldn’t understand why I had so many extra charging devices–but I also ended up draining them all when taking photos, tweeting and using Google Maps around town.

That’s why I got excited when I came across this new phone case on Kickstarter:

iPhone Case

Co-Battery is basically an iPhone case that recharges your phone.  Big deal, right?  There are other cases that do this.

But the case also has a swap-able battery.  Which means while you are out using your iPhone on the town, you can recharge it using the case, plus have a spare case battery charging in your room.

Or carry a bunch with you so your phone never runs out.

Most re-charging units are cylindrical and take up bulky space.  What I really like about this concept is how slim they are.

I can put these in the side pocket of my purse, and they look like they slip easily into pants pockets.

The other thing about this product is that the phone discharges the battery from the case first, not from the phone.  First of all, you don’t have to wait until the phone discharges to swap out the chargers.

But the other benefit is it extends the life of the phone battery itself over time.

battery pack


Since you aren’t using discharge cycles of your battery, your phone will last longer.  Sweet.

The unfortunate news for me is that this is only for iPhone.  And I have a Galaxy.

But I went in for $5 which apparently gives me some sort of voting powers for the next type of devices they release this for.  My case is already pretty bulky, so I wouldn’t mind the bulk adding towards the battery life of my phone.

dead phone angry birds

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