JetBlue Allowing Free Streaming On-Board for Amazon Prime

Most airlines don’t let you stream videos on the in-flight internet.  JetBlue does, but for a fee.  Which isn’t so bad since their WiFi is typically free.

But they just offered a change in policy that’s pretty awesome.

From the Consumerist:

There’s now another option for people using Amazon’s instant video service or streaming music service: Those customers can now stream for free on their WiFi connected devices with a new plan called Fly-Fi Prime, the companies announced today.

The JetBlue press release also goes a bit into the technology.

Fly-Fi uses satellite technology to give customers internet speeds that feel like what they have at home or work. Amazon and JetBlue worked together to ensure that the inflight entertainment system met the premium experience expected by customers when streaming movies and TV episodes from Amazon. Access to Amazon’s entertainment library will be built into the JetBlue Fly-Fi Hub, giving customers instant access to watch titles from Amazon on their laptops, Fire devices, iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets—no pre-flight download needed. JetBlue’s free Fly-Fi broadband internet will be available on all of JetBlue’s Airbus A321 and A320 aircraft this year, and on JetBlue’s Embraer E190 aircraft in 2016.

Whenever people ask me what airline they should fly, I always ask if they are going for status or not.  I think if I had no status, I’d fly JetBlue pretty often because of policies like this, the free Wifi, and other generally customer-friendly attitudes.

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