How to Avoid Flight Delays when Flying

This winter seemed like it was full of flight delays.  Even Charlotte wasn’t immune for the weather related delays.

But did you know you can plan your flight around typical delays?

AirHelp has an infographic on the best times to fly.

Still, even with the best of planning, it’s possible for a flight to be delayed or cancelled.

This is what you should do when your flights are delayed or cancelled.


The AirHelp article suggests that earlier flights are the most punctual.

They are good for another reason.  When things go wrong, you have a lot more options compared to if you travel towards the end of the day.

But there’s no magic potion to avoiding delays.

Charlotte was listed as one of the best connecting airports.

I think that’s because of their spokes-type terminals.  There’s no terminal that’s extremely far from another.

But either way, travel enjoyment is up to you.  If you can handle random delays, there are more chances for adventure.  (I have a really long list of places I want to visit in Phoenix if I ever get stuck there).

Does anyone else do anything like that?  Use the airport for a meeting hub?

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