Do You Prefer to Talk When You Travel?

Earlier today, I mentioned I can get pretty lonely when I travel.

Forch, I AM the guy who will strike up a convo with you oh this 6 hour flight.


You like trout fishing? ME TOO!

Enjoy being quiet in flight?  ME TOO.

What’s the deal with airplane food? 7 dollars for a dollop of vodka??

Here’s my business card.  Call me when you land.  You’ll call me when you land… right?

i’m just an oilman from Dallas.  With copious amounts of money.

asshats up in first class, what a bunch of asshats.

<flight attendant walks to the back of the plane and informs you there’s a seat free in first>


*inspired by semi-real events.

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Former bartender, still a geek. One equal part each cookies, liberty, football, music, travel, libations. Stir vigorously. +Jeanne Marie Hoffman Jeanne on Twitter

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  1. I do appreciate the hat comment more than you can know, and especially immediately prior to the last second bump

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