Want to Meet Someone Interesting on Your Flight? Pre-Research Your Fellow Fliers

I’m in a workshop right now that is highlighting KLM’s “Meet & Seat”.

SeatGuru isn’t the only way to make sure you have a good seat.  Learn who you’d be sitting next to using KLM’s Meet & Seat.


Next, the seat map will show you:

  • Other participating passengers’ profile details – regardless which social media account they or you used.

  • Which seat they have chosen.

  • Which seats are available: you can select a seat, for example, next to someone with similar interests – and change as often as you like.

This is both creepy and cool.  And paranoia inducing.

If someone moves away from me–was it something my profile said?!

Also, it seems like an easy way for guys to try to pick up girls.  They would already know their interests and can talk about (or feign) shared interests.

It’s also specifically interesting in the politically charged DC.  Want to make sure you aren’t sitting next to someone on the “other side”?  Check out their profile.

I’m leaning towards the creepy side on the creepy vs. cool spectrum.  What do you think?


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  1. Since you have to opt in by linking your social media, it takes some of the creepyness out if it.

  2. Only thing I would need to know……
    Will my neighbor’s body be spilling over onto the armrest and possibly onto me. That’s it. Of course no one will volunteer this info and they’re not likely going to be advertising obesity on social media.

    Sad I know, but are you cute or pretty or are you nice or do you like capuccino isn’t so important in the scheme of things. Another reason to manufacture spend for first class.

  3. Totally creepy!!

  4. Pretty one sided to suggest that guys would try to pick up girls without at least making reference to the opposite scenario. I’ve been hit on more than I’ve hit on others on flights.

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