US Airways & American Airlines Elite Qualifying Miles Will Combine Starting in 2015

An e-mail went out to status holders on US Airways in regards to upgrades on American Airlines.  But the very bottom of the email addressed a question lingering in the backs of our minds:

Will the elite qualifying miles from US Airways and American Airlines be combined for status in 2015?

We plan to bring current Dividend Miles accounts into the AAdvantage program in 2015. That means we will combine your award mileage balances, your million mile balances and your elite-qualifying activity from both programs. In the meantime, continue to book travel and earn miles as you normally would. We will follow up with you when we begin the process of integrating accounts, but rest assured your miles and elite status are safe as we work to combine the two programs. 

The way this reads to me suggests the balances won’t start combining until 2015, which means at the end of the year, you will be earning status on US Airways and American Airlines separately.  50,000 EQMs on US Airways and 50,000 EQMs on American will not equal Executive Platinum / Chairman status.

This is still vague enough that they could turn around and say these two statuses will combine in 2015, but I’ve never been hopeful about that.

What do you think?


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