Chicago O’Hare Airport Starts Search for… goats and a shepherd?

Imagine this scenario.  You are landing in Chicago O’Hare and you glance out the window to see… a shepherd leading goats around the airport.  That’s going to be the scenery soon at ORD!

a goat eating leaves from a tree
Photo from NY Daily News

The Chicago Department of Aviation just put out an ad for a shepherd and a bid for 30 sheep.  Why?

According to the New York Daily News:

Airport officials are launching a beta program that includes the use of 30 goats to munch the grass and weed in one hard-to-mow area measuring over 100 acres. Officials at the airport are hoping to find some helpful animals for the maintenance of the open space, which can be a time-consuming task when using the traditional methods of mechanical mowing.

If you are interested in this position, the Sun Times notes that “interested herders must have at least 25 goats.”

Apparently, this is how the San Francisco Airport has been using this method for years.  I’ve never noticed!  This city-born girl is always excited to see goats and cows while traveling, and now I know to look very carefully out the window when I land at SFO or ORD (or Atlanta too!).

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