The TSA Doesn’t Understand Women’s Undergarments

Underwire Bra & Airport Security

When I went through pre-check, I set off the metal detector.  When a pat-down revealed nothing on my person (and I was already barefoot), the TSA agents had me go through the metal detector.  I still set it off.

underwire bra airport security.  A TSA agent dons rubber gloves at Washington Reagan National Airport

The male TSA agent there asked me, “Do you have…. wires in your bra?”   I looked a little shocked and offered up that my bra (which I frequently wear through security) had underwire in it.  “You shouldn’t wear ANYTHING with wires in it through security,” the TSA agent barked at me.

I turned a little white, thinking I might get stripped of my bra at the TSA checkpoint.  Luckily, the lady who had done my patdown walked back over, rolled her eyes at the other agent and said, “EVERY bra has underwire in it.”   Not 100% factual, but 100% helpful.

underwire bra airport securityThe male agent turned bright red.  The female agent administered a second patdown then sent me on my way.

But I’m not the only person who has had bra issues going through the TSA check point.

A woman missed her flight thanks to wearing an underwire bra, and there are countless reports of TSA agents advising women not to wear underwire.

A TSA agent actually reached in and pulled out the breast prosthesis of someone who had a mastectomy.

Not understanding a sports bra and thinking it was a “top,” they made a traveler strip down to it.

And even though falsies and augmented bras are allowed no matter your sex or gender, the TSA has still harassed people going through TSA security with a little extra pizzazz to their appearances.


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  1. I wish they would change those dirty gloves for each person they touch. The only one protected is them while they spread germs from everyone they touch.

  2. Run by morons! You’d think that by now they would have their act together and stop harassing people. But then it happens everywhere: same thing happened to my wife flying LH F out of DUS (when it still operated). No FCT/FCL there 😉 Unbelievable!

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