US Airways Lost Baggage Delivery Service Harasses Young Woman

Keri wrote about how dangerous luggage tags can be, especially when they have your phone number on them.  We were approached at the next travel event by some curious guys asking if this sort of thing happens.

A young woman was just harassed by a US Airways baggage handler after she complained about the location he left her luggage.

The incident started on April 17th and she was still receiving texts as of yesterday according to her twitter feed.

The reason she didn’t just block the number was because she wants to find out his identity since he was threatening to meet her “face to face”.  And well, since he was delivering her bags to her, this is scary stuff.

The texts that started it (from Business Insider):

Text messaging


According to her twitter feed, US Airways assured her the baggage handler has his phone taken away on the 17th, but since she’s reported texts as of yesterday, he clearly wrote the number down.

I feel a bit nervous for her.  He knows where she works.  And while it took her social media storm to finally get someone’s attention (the baggage company refused to sign an incident form), this only made her identity more public to the harasser.

Edit for clarity: US Airways contracts with outside companies for the delivery of lost backage.


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  1. There seems to be more to this. I think the baggage delivery person got agitated because of the customer’s “lie”. Interpreting the second message as a physical threat is not that straight forward.

  2. Interesting. I like how they can reach out through a luggage tag phone number to text but I doubt they would do that to tell you they are on the way with your luggage.
    Maybe he’s mad because he got demoted from marketing to baggage delivery after he tweeted porn on the US Airways feed?
    Maybe she’s a jerk as well?

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