Our Vice President, folks. (Biden hates LaGuardia)

Vice President Biden had some choice words to say about LaGuardia Airport (According to the New York Daily News): Vice President Joe Biden, never one to hide what he’s thinking, said Thursday that New York’s LaGuardia Airport feels like it’s “in some third world country.” “If I blindfolded someone and …

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Airline Commercials from the 60s, 70s and 80s

One thing I love checking out are vintage advertisements.  While print ads are my normal medium, I’ve been checking out some vintage commercials lately. 1960s Eastern Airlines showing off its Boeing 727 in a commercial that somehow reminds me of the movie Zero Hour (Don’t ask why, I’m not sure!) …

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Spot a Beluga in Toulouse, France (in the sky!)

When Keri went to Alaska, she was very excited to spot a beluga whale in the sound.  But people in Toulouse, France are spotting a beluga in the sky. Behold, the Airbus 300:-600ST:   This oddly-shaped (and yet, adorable) plane is how other plane parts get to fly around. According …

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