TripAdvisor to Give More Information About Flight Experience and Prices

TripAdvisor announced they will let you know what’s really included in the price of your flight, including wifi, in-flight power ports, and the cost of getting more legroom.

From the New York Times:

TripAdvisor describes its redesign as a move to simplify what can be an enormously complicated shopping experience for those who book their own flights, as a growing number of business travelers do. A given search result will show all available flights, with fare comparisons and a breakdown, by flight segment, of amenities and services on a particular airplane.

Mr. Saltzburg said: “Customers will have transparency while they’re making a booking decision between Flight A and Flight B, which might be the same cost. Are extra-legroom seats available for sale? That’s clearly indicated on the initial results page.â€

Airplane Experience Seat

How much does this make a difference for you?

I find the travel community runs into two camps.  Either how do I travel for as cheap as possible, or how do I get first class experiences for cheap.

This seems to be catering towards another camp–how do I maximize the benefits I get for the amount I spend?

But how about you?  Do you take amenities into consideration when you book, or do you book the cheapest?  Or the airline you are loyal to?  Does wifi every make or break your decision?


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