Airline Commercials from the 60s, 70s and 80s

One thing I love checking out are vintage advertisements.  While print ads are my normal medium, I’ve been checking out some vintage commercials lately.


Eastern Airlines showing off its Boeing 727 in a commercial that somehow reminds me of the movie Zero Hour (Don’t ask why, I’m not sure!)


Braniff Airways’ ad, complete with space helmets for the stewardess.  (For more on their flight attendant uniforms, check out
The Most… Interesting Flight Attendant Uniforms I’ve Seen)

Featuring the multi-colored airplanes..


Two girls flying Eastern Airlines won’t need to pay for their meals and activities once they meet gentlemen companions at their destination:

American Airlines urges you to visit your mother! (She doesn’t mean to complain, but how often do you come to visit? You can’t even make it? Even if she sends you the tickets?)


Check out Continental’s onboard First Class Lounge and Coach “Pub” on their widebody DC-10s

American Airlines, doing what we do best, which is apparently having an unnaturally cheerful employee base (what are they pumping in that air?)

And they also installed fancy computer devices to handle reservations (maybe United post-merger should have checked these out)


In this United Ad, a flight attendant worries about whether or not she’s friendly enough to be part of “Flying the Friendly Skies”

People’s Express disses the double talk from the other airlines. I’m still trying to figure out the math on what the agent is saying!

And United is the perfect airline for power-couples?

And as a non-vintage bonus, check out this ad from Brussels Airlines. I just really enjoyed it:


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  1. Love these old commercials. I found an old BOAC ‘kiss me goodnight Sargeant Major’ commercial a while ago and wrote about it on my blog

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