Over 1,500 Flights Preemptively Cancelled for Tomorrow’s Winter Storm

1,500 flights have already been cancelled given the storms hitting the East Coast and Midwest tomorrow.

From USA Today:

Airlines had already preemptively canceled more than 1,500 of Monday’s flights as of 4:40 p.m. ET on Sunday, according to FlightAware.

The bulk of Monday’s cancellations – so far – came in the greater Washington, D.C. area, though problems were popping up at airports throughout the populous Northeast.

The storm was forecast to dump up to a foot of snow around the nation’s capital by late Monday afternoon. Nearly 440 flights – or more than 50% of Monday’s schedule – had already been canceled at Washington’s Reagan National Airport. The Monday percentages were lower but still significant at the region’s other two big airports, Washington Dulles (more than 20% canceled) and Baltimore/Washington (more than 10%).

I keep finding myself traveling during these winter storms.   I just want to thank readers/twitter followers Graham and Matt for giving me the extra push I needed to decide to move my flight into DCA tomorrow to Tuesday.

I have a feeling I was going to spend a lot of time sitting in the airport.  Well, not sitting.  Running from gate to gate.

Thanks, guys!


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  1. I’ve been on 20 flights so far this year, and all domestic flights (18/20) have been delayed due to weather. This is simply a very weird year.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I have yet to not have a weather delay or cancellation (mostly cancellations) since my slate of work travel started in November!

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