The Worst Film Scenes to Be an Airline Passenger In

IGN has a round up of clips from the worst flights to be a passenger on in movie history.  Check them out here!

I was pleased to see that both Zero Hour! and its comedy child, Airplane!  both made the list.

Check out the history of Zero Hour! and Airplane! here.

The list includes situations ranging from overly nervous passengers to, well, unusual flight attendants.

Do you agree?

I personally would have put this one on the list:

How about your picks?  Bonus points for YouTube clips in the comments!


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  1. I’d say either Final Destination



    The Grey

    World War Z

    Gosh there are so many. Castaway is so very good though. At least he ends up on an island and rescued instead of cannibalism on some frozen mountain like in that soccer team movie. I also am fascinated with scene in La Bamba where Buddy Holly, Richie Vanlens and the Big bopper all get on the small plane in Iowa.

  2. The one with Richard Branson as a flight attendant. Oh wait, that wasn’t a movie…

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