The Penguin Cheating Scandal that Has Shocked the World

a penguin with yellow and black feathers

Imagine you are a penguin, coming home from a long day in the office–only to find your wife-penguin shacked up with another. This is the situation that faced one of our flippered friends recently.  This penguin–let’s call him Franklin–Franklin arrived home to find his home was no longer his and his wife …

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Brawl Breaks Out on Flight; Causes Emergency Landing

a plane taking off from a runway

A huge fight broke out on a Ryanair flight headed to Malta from Brussels, forcing an emergency landing. According to, it started after an elderly woman was injured (and eventually resulted in a flight attendant being slapped): “It started when an elderly woman moved seats and told me they’d …

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Man Jumps Out of Plane; Gets Stuck on Plane

a group of people skydiving

This is crazy.  And possibly convincing me to never go sky diving.  (aside from the plummeting to earth part). A man jumped out of a plane and got caught on his way down. His friends in the plane had to cut him loose.   But the entire time, he had to …

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