Man Jumps Out of Plane; Gets Stuck on Plane

This is crazy.  And possibly convincing me to never go sky diving.  (aside from the plummeting to earth part).

A man jumped out of a plane and got caught on his way down.

His friends in the plane had to cut him loose.   But the entire time, he had to make sure he was completely balanced so he didn’t start spinning.

The skydiver went to jump off the Cessna when he hooked his bootie on a piece of metal off the airplane’s steps.


From the Gizmodo article:

Miles Daisher is the guy in the wingsuit in the video. He hooked a bootie of his wingsuit onto a step on the plane and found himself totally screwed. Or well, he would have been screwed if he didn’t smarten up and balance his body to prevent himself from spinning around in circles. The guys in the plane managed to cut him loose, and he went on his merry way back to Earth with a helluva story to tell.

Crazy.  Even more crazy is the video itself.

You can see it here:

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  1. He’s a professional. Every bad/weird incident happens to people who jump a lot. That kind of thing doesn’t happen to amateurs/first-timers. #justsayin’ 😉

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