Airplane Appears to Bounce During Failed Landing Attempt Due to Crosswinds

Five points to the pilot on this one.  Even though this footage is going to look scary, it looks like the pilot did the right thing in this situation.


A pilot was landing a 737 in Prague when some crosswind struck.  The airplane hit down hard and the pilot pulled back up to do a second attempt.  The airplane literally looks like it is bouncing up.

From AOL News:

Amateur videographer and airplane aficionado Radko NaÅ¡inec recently captured incredible footage of a Boeing 737-430 going up against some very strong cross winds — and nearly losing.

Filmed at Václav Havel Airport in Prague, Czech Republic, the terrifying video shows the large airplane getting violently thrown about like a small toy just as the wheels graze the runway.

As the plane tries to touch down, it becomes apparent that the aircraft will not be able to overcome the large gusts of wind preventing it from landing — left with no other option, the pilot immediately begins to reascend.

Here’s the footage:

I’ve been in a hard landing due to crosswind, but nothing like this.  We hit down hard and needed a tow in.

In this case, there’s some debate in the comments on the video as to how hard the airplane actually touched down and whether it actually bounced.  The plane is landing just out of sight-line, so it’s hard to tell how hard it touched–if it touched at all.  What do you think?

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