Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Whips Out Genital; Slaps Martial Arts Expert and Crew

Not the Onion.  A man pulled out his junk about 90 minutes into a flight to have a wee.

The flight was going from Cancun to Frankfurt but made an emergency landing after he exposed himself, made death threats, and slapped a few people.

From FCN:

Nearly 90 minutes into the flight, Gee escalated and threatened to kill another passenger, hurt a 3-year-old and then removing his clothes to expose his penis. The charging affidavit from the FBI says it seemed like he was about to wee in the plane’s cabin.

martial arts expert leaped to the rescue, only to be slapped across the face repeatedly by the man.  The man continued on the slap members of the crew.

The man, for all his antics, faces 20 years in prison.


My guess this is yet another case of drinking too much in (or before) flight.  I still maintain my position that alcohol shouldn’t be banned in flight but wish people would be more careful with limiting themselves.

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  1. Only one genital? Not sure I’ve ever seen that word not as a plural

  2. I don’t want to read the post… In case it mentions *what* was used to slap poor martial arts expert…

  3. “wish people would be more careful with limiting themselves” is wishful thinking. Civility is pretty much gone from air travel. Probably time to ban the booze since people simply cannot control themselves, for the most part.

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