CPSC Seizes Man’s Burnt Up Samsung Note (and what a burnt one looks like)

Usually, you don’t see the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as an organization that moves quickly.  However, the CPSC saw the Galaxy Note in-flight fire issue as being so important, they got a subpoena to seize a man’s post-fire Galaxy Note.

No souvenir for him.

From the Verge:

Green told The Verge that the CPSC confiscated his device with a subpoena on October 6th, the day after the fire, while it was in the hands of the Louisville Fire Department. He said the CPSC apologized for that action as generally the agency prefers to get permission before taking possession of a device, but investigators were not able to get in touch with Green as quickly as they’d have liked.

Brian Green (not that Brian Green) traded his Galaxy Samsung Note 7 in for a replacement phone.  He later took a Southwest flight with his Note 7 and was surprised when it caught fire.

According to BGR, Samsung initially denied it was a replacement phone, but Mr. Green confirmed it was with a picture of the box.

You can identify the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7s via a special mark on the boxes.

You can see a picture of his burnt up phone here.  Holy crap.

I had a Galaxy S5 melt on me once, but that’s much more anticlimactic than a in-flight-phone-fire.

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