Barack Obama Gets Impatient with Travel Buddy, Bill Clinton

a man in a suit and tie

Sometimes celebrities and politicians don’t “feel” like real people. We see them on TV, we discuss them, and we have strong opinions about them. And then they do something really, really human. This back and forth with President Obama and Former President Clinton gave me a huge laugh.  It reminded …

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Kennesaw State Player So Nervous on First Flight, He Passes Out

a group of people sitting on an airplane

This is kind of adorable.  A freshman for the Kennesaw State football team took his first flight ever to play Duquesne.  He was so nervous, he freaked out at takeoff just before passing it out. His teammates kindly recorded the entire experience. Normally, I wouldn’t call someone passing out “adorable,” but his …

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Air New Zealand Flight Lands Safely After a Flat Tire

a close up of a plane's wheels

One of the interesting things about being in another country on the other side of the world is seeing the news unfold while it’s happening.  Normally, this is a story that would pop up on my reader in the morning, but I heard about it as it was happening since …

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Australian Airlines Ban Troublesome Smart Phone

a white stylus on a cell phone

Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia have all officially banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from being turned on flights and from being in checked luggage. From Android Authority: The three airlines are Qantas, its budget arm Jetstar, and Virgin Australia. According to the airlines, the ban is a measure of …

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