Barack Obama Gets Impatient with Travel Buddy, Bill Clinton

Sometimes celebrities and politicians don’t “feel” like real people. We see them on TV, we discuss them, and we have strong opinions about them.

And then they do something really, really human.

This back and forth with President Obama and Former President Clinton gave me a huge laugh.  It reminded me of road trips as a kid.

Going to a rest stop–and my dad waiting at the car for everyone to get back so we can get back on schedule.

Screenshot of the ABC News Video

President Obama gave Bill Clinton a ride in Air Force One from Israel back to the United States… but Clinton was being a bit too chatty.

Rather than send an aide to go grab Clinton, Obama took matters into his own hands by yelling at him to hurry up and tapping his foot impatiently.

I came across this video around the same time I came across this very humanizing photo of the British Royal Family…

a yellow smiley face with tears of tears

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  1. Maybe Clinton is too used to flying with Jeffrey Epstein on the “Lolita Express” flights instead of the more formal Air Force One.

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