Kennesaw State Player So Nervous on First Flight, He Passes Out

This is kind of adorable.  A freshman for the Kennesaw State football team took his first flight ever to play Duquesne.  He was so nervous, he freaked out at takeoff just before passing it out.

His teammates kindly recorded the entire experience.

Normally, I wouldn’t call someone passing out “adorable,” but his reaction was so genuine.  He was also fine and they won the game, so maybe it was good luck!

From SB Nation:

Wide receiver Xavier Harper posted this video of his teammate redshirt freshman Keagan Jordan on the plane on the way to Pittsburgh. It already has thousands of retweets.

I honestly thought he was faking at first but he doesn’t move for more than ten seconds, so it must have been real.

Jordan didn’t play last year, so this was his first time traveling on a plane. (According to local media, this was the whole team’s first time on a plane.) Things got a little turbulent. It’s understandable.

The part of the news story that says it’s the entire team’s first time is a little misleading–it’s their first team flight, but other news reports clearly state it was this player’s first flight ever.  Full stop.

You can watch the whole video here.  Please note, there’s bad language.

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