This Device Promises to Give You Unlimited Worldwide 4G Wi-Fi

I was browsing through Kickstarters and came across the GeeFi device.

It promises to give you unlimited worldwide 4G Wi-Fi for up to ten devices for $10 / day that you choose to activate it.

From the Kickstarter description:

“GeeFi is a patented, pocket-sized device that houses an advanced chip set which delivers the most reliable and fastest international 4G/LTE Wi-Fi to date.

And data is 100% UNLIMITED. Meaning:

  • no running out of data
  • no expensive roaming fees
  • no megabyte restrictions
  • no using personal cell phone data
  • no more being Wi-Fi stranded!”


In addition to being a hotspot, it’s also a power bank.

I find this device intriguing for a few reasons:

  • If you are traveling with other people, you can all connect to this device for $10 a day total for unlimited data.
  • This eliminates the need to seek out a sim card in a new country when traveling.
  • The $10 per day price is guaranteed with one exception–they are trying to lower that price.

But there’s one main thing that keeps me from buying, personally.  I have Verizon’s TravelPass plan which lets me use my domestic data plan abroad for $10/day.  I don’t tend to go over my data and I do a lot of my travel solo, so this would be just another device for me to carry.  (My experience with using Verizon’s TravelPass is here).

Just like TravelPass, a GeeFi “day” is 24-hours from activation. 

The device connects in a lot of countries, but remember–it’s just like a cell phone.  So if your cell phone doesn’t work there, don’t expect the device to.

a screenshot of a white background with black text

Get blazing fast 4G/LTE Wi-Fi in over 100 countries and regions worldwide without having to worry about networks, SIM cards, and overages.

We are actively in talks with network providers worldwide to further expand GeeFi coverage. By mid-2017 we will have DOUBLED the amount of countries that GeeFi covers.

The device is avaliable for $120.  For $3,000, they are offering the device plus unlimited 4G service for a year.

More about Kickstarter

Please note, with Kickstarter, you are purchasing something before it is produced.  This particular product will ship in December though, as they are far along in the process.

Please be careful with what projects you back.  I focus on places that are currently running a business, or have had successful Kickstarters in the past.  When an investment is risky, I make it knowing I could lose my money.  For example, I put some money into a food truck that never ended up being executed on.  This is against Kickstarter’s practices, but there’s nothing you can do if a place goes out of business.

Even though this company has successfully released products in the past, there is no guarantee that something won’t happen during this one–so there is always a risk with Kickstarter.  That said, I’ve had pretty good luck.

If you back this Kickstarter through my link, there’s a chance I could get credit towards getting the product myself.

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  1. I picked up a SkyRoam for my upcoming international travel, and while I haven’t played with it too much in the US, I’ve been pretty happy! ( ) I found it from a FTG blogger, amusingly enough. 🙂

    Only downside is the lack of acting like a power source for other devices, which this one seems to do, which is cool!

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