This “Smart” Belt Helps Your Keep Your Waistline in Check

When I first saw this on Kickstarter, I thought to myself, “Great… another ‘smart’ item.”  The picture showed a belt with a cord coming out of it, and I worried this “smart” belt was a portable charger.

I turned out to be wrong and this product is pretty cool.  I’m not sure I would actually ever spend $100+ on a belt (no matter how smart), but the features were cool to look at and pretty innovative.

Meet the Welt.

welt smart belt

This belt acts as a pedometer–replacing items such as the Fitbit that are uni-purpose.  It also measures your waist size over time and notifies you when you might be eating a little too much at a meal.

It also keeps track of when people are being sedentary and reminds them to move around.

Oh, and it holds up your pants.

I think this is really cool because of how functional it is.  However, it has some limitations that would make it a deal breaker for me.

First of all, I don’t wear belts, so that right there would keep me from purchasing one.  But even if I did, this doesn’t end up being the ultimate Fitbit replacement for me.  I doubt I (or anyone) would wear a belt when working out, so it may consider that time sedentary.  I assume it’ll let you manually input what your workouts are.  But I’d rather things be automatically done.

Here’s a video about the features.

I want to stress, I don’t actually think this is worth spending the money on.  But I do think the technology they developed is pretty cool.

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