Man Causes Emergency Landing After Storming the Cockpit

Here’s a huge story in trusting your instincts.

A man tried to get into the cockpit before a flight took off, but the crew was able to calm him down.


Once the flight was in air, he tried to get into the cockpit again.

From Fox News:

Authorities say a man arrested after an emergency landing in Texas was talking about suicide and banging and kicking the cockpit door before other passengers restrained him.



The FBI says crew members noticed the man walking toward the cockpit as the plane prepared to take off, but they were able to calm him down. During the flight, crew members say Nguyen’s behavior became more erratic.

In other words, his weird behavior on the ground continued in the air.  Shocking.

But it’s a lesson–if something weird is happening on the ground, it’s likely to happen again in the air.

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