San Jose Airports Completes Efforts to Cut Down on Stowaways

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In 2014, Yahya Abdi hopped the fence at San Jose Airport and climbed into the wheel well of an airplane headed to Hawaii. He somehow survived the entire flight. From CNN: Yahya planned for some time to sneak onto the tarmac of San Jose International Airport, and he finally hopped the …

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shelves of products on shelves in a store has been a source of great deals.  It usually sells household items for less than, and was a good use of the free Shoprunner benefit that comes with the American Express Platinum  Card.  (It was recently tightened up, but used to be free 2-day shipping on any purchase). I …

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68 Million Emails and Passwords for Dropbox Users Made Public

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In 2012, there was a data breach into Dropbox’s files.  The data breach occurred because one employee didn’t vary his passwords and also used his corporate password for his LinkedIn profile–which experienced a data breach. After four years (for some reason), those 68,000,000 emails and passwords were released onto the …

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Major Turbulence Causes Emergency Landing; Injuries

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A United Houston to Heathrow flight experienced so much turbulence going over the Atlantic, it had to make an emergency landing in Ireland.  About a dozen passengers and crew members were injured. From ABC13: The aircraft was about 300 miles from London when it diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland …

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India Considering Crackdown on In-Flight Selfies

a man and woman taking a selfie

Whenever I get the chance to explore a plane, the first thing I try to do is take a selfie in the cockpit. But due to concerns about the safety of having certain instruments and dials in the shot (plus potential sensitive documents), India is expected to release a set of …

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Starbucks Sued for Putting “Too Much Ice” in Drinks

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Earlier, I wrote about a situation where two flight attendants couldn’t get along on an airplane, resulting in them being removed from the flight. I mentioned that I’ve had to separate servers over a disagreement about how much ice should go in the drink.  I mentioned it because I thought …

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Flight Delayed, Crew Replaced, Due to Flight Attendant Fight

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An EasyJet flight headed to Belfast from Gatwick was delayed yesterday after two flight attendants couldn’t stop arguing. According to CNN a passenger reported that: …crew members were removed from the flight, then other crew members had a furtive cockpit powow, and an aggrieved captain tried to put on a …

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