Major Turbulence Causes Emergency Landing; Injuries

A United Houston to Heathrow flight experienced so much turbulence going over the Atlantic, it had to make an emergency landing in Ireland.  About a dozen passengers and crew members were injured.

From ABC13:

The aircraft was about 300 miles from London when it diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland where it was met by medical personnel.

One passenger on social media said there was major turbulence and that a flight attendant had a cut on her head, others had broken bones and that the fight attendant said she had not seen anything like it in 20 years.

She told us people literally we flying through the plane. Her companion landed on top of his seat, and she was trying to hold onto the girl next to her to buckle her in.

It happened while people were asleep and came without warning.

This is an unfortunate reminder that anything can happen in flight.  This is why flight attendants ask you to put your seatbelt on when sitting in your seats, especially when sleeping.

airplane seatbelt seat belt

Here’s an account from someone at the airport.

Turbulence and other issues can happen at anytime, so I keep my seatbelt on.

I’ve experienced a plane crash while on the ground.  A truck drove into the plane and lifted one side of it up.  Luckily, we had just finished boarding, otherwise people would have still been on the jet bridge.

A few years back, a pilot just waking up from a nap misheard some information from his radio, thought Venus was an oncoming plane, and suddenly dove–hurting over a dozen people.

This post has come up on Reddit, and in the comments, a pilot discusses why he always wears his seat belt and some things he has seen.

I was on a plane with really bad turbulence once, but due to everyone wearing their seatbelts, the only things that got tossed around the cabin (luckily) were people’s drinks and a few cell phones.


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