The Time I Freaked Out NYC by Handing Out Flowers

There’s a video of a man handing out flowers in NYC going around right now.  The different clips show how touched people were, and how happy they were that he chose them.


Here’s the video itself:

I suspect this video took a lot of footage to get these results or New York City has changed dramatically since I lived there.

My friends and I decided we were going to hand out flowers one day.  (I promise we weren’t drunk).

We went to a bodega and purchased a bunch of bouquets and headed to Central Park.

We started handing out the flowers.  Correction: we tried handing out the flowers.

If you ever need to explain magnetic repulsion to someone, you could have used us as an example.  Suddenly, everyone in Central Park was walking in an ellipse, off the actual pathway and away from us.

I tried giving a flower to a little kid and her mother rushed up and pulled her away.  After about an hour, we laid out on some rocks, frustrated that we failed and surrounded by our bouquets.

The thing is–New Yorkers are suspicious by nature.  If someone is handing something to you, there’s something else they are about to ask for.  Usually money.

That’s why it’s been so difficult for me to realize you should talk to people who approach you in the Las Vegas casinos to see what they are offering you. 

But I don’t buy so many people in a row responding positively to his flowers.  I bet for every positive experience, he had the “magnetic repulsion” effect on a bunch more people.

Still, I like the edited version of the world better.  It makes for better TV!

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  1. That is so fantastic you tried to hand out flowers! Yay you!

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