India Considering Crackdown on In-Flight Selfies

Whenever I get the chance to explore a plane, the first thing I try to do is take a selfie in the cockpit.

a woman in a cowboy hat in a cockpit
Me on the Dreamliner

But due to concerns about the safety of having certain instruments and dials in the shot (plus potential sensitive documents), India is expected to release a set of regulations regarding selfies on airplanes.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, who is responsible for maintaining aviation standards and regulations, is expected to release these regulations in the next few days.

From the Indian Express:

With increased use of smart devices, there have been many instances of travellers as well as crew members, including pilots, clicking photographs inside flights. Against this backdrop, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is working on guidelines for airlines that would cover various aspects of photography inside an aircraft including selfies.

A senior DGCA official today said the regulator would be soon coming with a circular in this regard, mostly likely next week. “It will be a safety circular for providing guidance to airlines,†the official said, even as he made it clear that there are already rules in place for “photograph at aerodromes or from aircraft in flightâ€.

The majority of their concerns seem to revolve around selfies in the cockpit, but they are expected to release wider regulations.  For example, they’ve been trying to determine whether or not ground photography can cause security risks as well.

I’ve personally taken so many selfies that would probably fall into the type of pictures they want to regulate.  And would also include dream experiences, like this 86-year old man who got to take a tour of his favorite aircraft.

Do you think these types of selfies are security risks?

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  1. These selfies aren’t a security risk, but in #India they love to regulate.

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